Mr Chips Chapter 15 & 16 Questions Answers

Mr Chips Chapter 15 & 16 Questions


Q.1: Describe the air raid at Brookfield.

Ans.: On a moonlight night, air raid warning was given. Five bombs were fallen in and around the Brookfield. Nine persons died in this air raid.



Q.2: What happened to Chips on November 11, 1918?

Ans.: On November 11, 1918 Chips caught a cold while returning from the dining hall and he also resigned after it.



Q.3: What was the condition of Chips’ health in the last few years at Mrs. Wickett?

Ans.: In his last few years, he was not ill but felt a bit tired at times because of old age. In winter, his breathing disturbed him. He had to care of himself when eastern winds blew.



Q.4: What was Chips’ will?

Ans.: In 1930, Chips made his will. Except for legacies to the Mission and Mrs. Wickett, he left all he had to found an open entrance scholarship for the boys at school.

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Q.5: How did Chips spend the last period of his life at Mrs. Wickett’s?

And: In the last period of his life at Mrs. Wickett, he usually remained indoors and enjoyed visits of the new and old boys very much.

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