Mr Chips Chapter 3 Questions Answers

Mr Chips Chapter 3 Questions


Q.1: Describe Chips’ room at Mrs. Wickett?

Ans.: Chips’ room was very sunny and comfortable. It was simply decorated as school masterly taste.



Q.2: How did Mr. Chips entertain his guests at Mrs. Wickett’s?

Ans.: He entertained his guests with tea and walnut cake with pink icing from Reddaways. In winter, he served them crumpets soaked in butter.



Q.3: What was the condition of the house?

Ans.: The house itself was ugly and pretentious. However it was convenient. But the house of Mr. Chips was small, sunny and comfortable.



Q.4: Who was Mrs. Wickett?

Ans.: Mrs. Wickett was a widow. She was Chips’ landlady and once the linen room incharge of Brookfield, before she saved some money. She was a kind and sympathetic lady.



Q.5: Who was Collingwood?

Ans.: Collingwood was an old student of Mr. Chips. He once thrashed him for climbing in to the gymnasium roof to get a ball out of the gutter. Later on, he became a major in the army and was killed in Egypt.

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Q.6: How was Chip’s room decorated?

Ans.: His room was simply furnished as a school masterly taste. There were a few bookshelves, sporting trophies, a crowded mantel piece, a worn out Turkey carpet and big easy chairs.



Q.7: What kinds of books were read by Mr. Chips?

Ans.: He used to read detective novels with great interest. Sometimes, he took Virgil and Xenophone for a few moments but soon returned to Dr. Thorndyke and Inspector French.



Q.8: Name the newspaper which Mr. Chips used to read.

Ans.: Mr. Chips used to read “The Times”.

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