Mr Chips Chapter 5 Questions Answers

Mr Chips Chapter 5 Questions


Q.1: What were Katherine’s views about Mr. Chips’ profession when she first met him?

Ans.: When she first met him she thought he was a solicitor or a stock broker or a dentist or a man with a big cotton business in Manchester.



Q.2: What were Katherine’s views about Chips’ profession of teaching?

Ans.: She liked the profession of teaching. She thought that a school teacher could influence the youngsters, so it was a great profession.



Q.3: Describe Chips’ marriage.

Ans.: Katherine had no parents, so she was married from the house of her aunt in Ealing.



Q.4: What did she say to Mr. Chips before the wedding night?

Ans.: She asked Mr. Chips if she would call him Sir or Mr. Chips. She said to him that Mr. Chips would be the right term to be used for his name and then she said,” Good bye Mr. Chips”.

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