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How are Muscles Attached to the Skeleton

Muscles Attached to the Skeleton


Attachment of Muscles:


  1. i) Muscles are attached to bones at origin and insertion.


  1. ii) One end of muscles are attached to an immovable and rigid bones is known as origin.


  1. i) Muscles may have more than one origin.


  1. ii) Other end of muscles is attached to a moveable bone known as insertion.


iii) Muscles may attach directly to bones or by means of tough, whitish cords of fibrous material called tendons.


  1. iv) Muscles can contract and relax but cannot expand.


Antagonistic arrangement of muscles:


To move a bone to and fro, two sets of muscles work. When one set contracts, it moves the bone in one direction, and when the other set contracts, it moves the bone in the opposite direction. These two sets of muscles are antagonistic to each other and this movement of muscles is known as antagonistic movement of muscles.

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