The Necklace Short Summary by Guy de Maupassant

The Necklace Summary


Mr. Loisel, a clerk, got an invitation to a party at the Ministry. His beautiful young wife was in tears because she had no jewelry for the great occasion. She did not like to miss this chance to show off. So she borrowed a beautiful necklace from a rich friend, Madame Forestier.


Unfortunately she lost the necklace at the party. She had no choice but to replace it with an identical necklace. She bought one for 36000 francs on credit, and give it to Madame Forestier. The lady took it as her own necklace.


The poor clerk and his wife had to live in abject poverty for 10 years to repay the heavy loan. Then one day it came out that the lost necklace was an imitation worth only 500 francs. The disclosure came as a shock to the clerk‟s wife but it had come too late.


Like a true Maupassant story, this story also has a surprise-ending. This was the writer‟s famous trick by which he used to expose social or moral blunders committed by simple, honest people of this age—- the irony of fate and the irony of situation. The trick became widely popular. People loved to read his stories.

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Many of the well known writers followed his example. In Urdu fiction Saadat Hassan Manto was one of the most popular followers of Maupassant. Some of the other best writers of today also follow this good tradition. In real life, too, we often come across such sudden surprises.


It characterizes the free, conscious self-determination of a person who, at different stages of life development, selects and assimilates those that are most significant for her from a multitude of values. Beliefs determine the direction of assessments and views of the individual in the field of physical culture, stimulate her activity, become the principles of her behavior. They reflect the student’s worldview and give his actions a special significance and direction. The needs for physical culture are the main incentive, directing and regulating forces of personality behavior.

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