My Neighbour Friend Breathing his Last Summary

My Neighbour Friend Breathing his Last Poem Summary


The poet got frightened on seeing the last moments of his neighbour friend. He left behind all the friends and relative weeping and mourning but no one could help him.


Death became the talk of the town. Its bitterness makes the people mournful but is unavoidable. Nothing can be done in this regard


Death affect the feelings bitterly and its sight muffles all the worldly pleasures. Man feels himself helpless.


Without the love of God everyone is in loss and cannot get any permanent profit. The only profitable thing is the love of God.

That is, if biology develops slowly, and we still cannot achieve physical immortality, then everyone already has the opportunity to leave something behind them right now. And if you collect all my material, then you can even personally assume without me how I feel about many other things. Already on the basis of this, create software with algorithms for answers and conversations. Nowadays, primitive software for call centers, chats, etc. appears. Perhaps in the future there will be programs very roughly, by about 1-2%, emitting answers and conversations,

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