It Never pays to overreach yourself Story

It Never pays to overreach yourself


Once upon a time, a king had a jester in his court. He enjoyed every kind of Liberty of speech. This had made him bold and proud. One day, the king was holding court and was busy in serious state affairs.

The jester made fun of him. The king got highly offended and sentenced the jester to death. The jester begged for mercy but the king turned his request.

At last, when the jester pleaded for mercy again and again, the king said, “Die you must, but I grant you the freedom to choose the kind of death you like”.

The clever jester readily used his wit and requested the king to die of old age. The king was impressed by his ready wit and forgave him with the warning to be careful in future.



It never pays to overreach yourself

To learn how to write beautifully , you need to follow some rules that will be announced below.

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1. To make your speech sound good on a piece of paper, try not to make grammatical errors. Text that is full of errors can in some cases be called unreadable.

All other rules of Russian speech must be observed. Misplaced punctuation markscan create a negative impression on readers.

2. If you still doubt the correct spelling of a word, then it is better to check it in a dictionary.

3. Words that in your text indicate respect for some person should never be capitalized. Only if it’s a proper name.

4. If you write in an artistic style, then various literary techniques will only work for you. And any essay, if it is a little decorated, is more pleasant to read. But no need to overdo it.

5. Speaking of literary devices, do not use excessive exaggeration. Any fact or event is good when its description is true.

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