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What is Newton’s First Law of Motion in Physics

Newton’s First Law of Motion



Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.




This law consists of a two parts

(a) When body is at rest

(b) When body is moving with uniform velocity


When Body is At Rest:


Newton’s Law states that when a body is at rest, it continues its rest unless we apply force on it. When we apply a force, it changes its state of rest and starts moving along a straight line.


When Body is in Motion


Newton’s Law states that when a body is moving, it moves in a straight line with uniform velocity, but when we apply an opposite force, it changes its state of motion and come to rest.





  1. A body riding a push-bike along a leveled road does not come to rest immediately when we apply a force it changes, its state of rest and starts moving along a straight line.
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  1. If a bus suddenly starts moving, the passengers standing in the bus will fall in the backward direction. It is due to the reason that the lower part of the passengers which is in contract with the floor of the bus is carried forward by the motion of the bus, but the upper part of the body remains at rest due to inertia and so the passengers fall in backward direction.


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