Because I Could not Stop for Death Reference to the Context

Because I Could not Stop for Death Reference to the Context




These lines have been taken from the poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” written by Emily Dickinson.




In this poem the p talks I death grid the gentle nature of its approach. She describes our existence in this world from cradle to the grave. To her, it is a journey from life to death. Actually dying to the poetess is the end of death and a start of eternal life. The poetess travels with death and finally they reach a mound of earth which is, in fact the grave.


The grave is an entrance to the life after death and immortality.

There are much more books than articles, newspapers, magazines, essays and other journalism. Comparing them is like comparing a bicycle to a truck. If you need to travel a couple of kilometers yourself (slowly, walking), then most likely you will choose a bicycle. If you need to transfer some kind of cargo, then a truck. The same applies to books. They are trucks of knowledge. Although, for the sake of fairness

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