Pak Studies Guess Paper 9th Class Short Questions

Pakistan Studies Guess Paper for 9th Class

Important Short Questions



Quid’s Speech on Stat Bank and & Dastoor e Pakistan & Qomait,

Nazria & Nazria e Pakistan

Khutba Alabad,

2 Qomi Nazria,


Musawat & insaf Shraet

Rehmat ali kb lfz pakistan dya?

Aburi hukumt mn 5 muslm wazeer,

Kabina Mission Membrs & Plan

Krips Mission 2 point,

Rolt Act,

Election 46 mnshoor,

Wavel Plan,

Quid sfeere Aman,

Quid Speech 1940,

Qrardad e Pakistan,

3 June 1947 ka Mansuba,

Second higher education, the pros and cons of obtaining

The tablet is the ideal tool for summer learning
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