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Parts of Brassica Campestris

Parts of Brassica Campestris


Flower is reproductive part of plant. It has following parts:




This is the outermost whorl. It consists of four free sepals. They are green in colour. With the passage of time they become yellow. Their function is to protect the inner parts of flower.




This is the second whorl. It consists of colourful petals. They are yellow in colour. Their function is to attract the insects so that pollination takes place.




This is the third whorl. It consists of six free stamens. It is also called male reproductive part. Each stamen has two parts:


  1. i) A lower stalk called filament.


  1. ii) Upper swollen part called anther.


Nectar is present in the base of stamens. This nectar is food of insects.




This is the forth whorl. It consists of carpel. They are female reproductive parts of plant. Carpel has following parts:

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  1. i) Lower most swollen part is the ovary.


  1. ii) Stalk is present over ovary is called style.


  1. iv) Over stalk less swollen part is called stigma.


In ovary many ovules are present which ripens into seeds.


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