Past Papers of 9th Class Lahore Board 2012 English Group II

9th Class Past Papers 2012 English Group II

Past Papers of 9th Class Lahore Board 2012 English Compulsory

Every teacher notices on a daily basis how much the students in his class are different, whether in terms of age, level of development (motor, cognitive, affective), or even their socio-cultural origin.

Differentiated pedagogy allows the teacher to offer learning that respects the evolution of children’s thinking, which is respectful of the type of intelligence of each child. This is so that everyone reaches their full educational potential, in the way that works best for them.

Yet, at EU level, this has not always been the case. In Romania, for example, it is estimated that nearly one million pupils were deprived of the slightest support by the education system for a year.

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