Past Papers of 9th Class Lahore Board 2014 Mathematics Group II

Mathematics Past Papers of 9th Class 2014

Past Papers of 9th Class Lahore Board 2014 Mathematics

Better attention span
The school tablet captivates more quickly and it tires its audience less and this, all the more, in the youngest age categories. Many studies have shown that the use of video content, graphic animations, and sounds enhance attention in young children. This of course has limits and the use of the tablet in the little ones must be controlled and limited in time according to age.

But the moments devoted to it are generally very positive because the child’s attention and concentration are at a high level and this level is easily maintained as such throughout the working session.

Restricting uses and using the tablet in a fixed or stationary manner create limitations that do not allow the tool to be appropriated and integrated into daily school life.

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