Past Papers of 9th Class Lahore Board 2014 Urdu Subjective Group I

Urdu Past Papers of 9th Class

Past Papers of 9th Class Lahore Board 2014 Urdu

In English classes with a native speaker online, you can not only learn greetings, but also understand how to use them correctly. For example, it would be absolutely incorrect to use a simple “hello” at a business meeting with new business partners. In this case, you must fully introduce yourself and state the position you hold in the company.

There is also a little nuance when you use the phrase “good day”. In Britain, it is more often used as a farewell and is quite official. Literally translated as “all the best.”

Learning English online implies an extracurricular study of books on relevant topics. When learning business English, accordingly, it is business books that will help replenish a highly specialized vocabulary.

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