Past Papers of 9th Class Lahore Board 2015 Physics Group II

Physics Past Papers of 9th Class

Past Papers of 9th Class Lahore Board 2015 Physics

It will thus, for example, allow a student to better understand concepts such as those of equilateral or isosceles triangles or the construction of a perpendicular line by simply drawing them on a screen. In addition, a tablet allows you to make mistakes with less impact than on paper, to be guided interactively and to start your geometric drawing again at your leisure without the frustration of failure as with the board or the notebook. school. This will be even more evident with geometry in space, where tablets are a healthy resource for visualizing often complex representations more easily.

This abundance also encourages children to do research and the role of the teacher is then to guide them to give them a methodology for carrying out this research, to prioritize the information found and to assimilate it effectively.

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