What is Photosynthesis and what Factors Affect it

Photosynthesis and Factors affect it




It is a Latin word, Photo means light and synthesis mean building up. In this process plants prepare carbohydrates in the presence of carbon dioxide and water. The energy needed in this process is obtained form sunlight. Sunlight is absorbed by chlorophyll. Oxygen is also given our as product.


Factors and Conditions:


A few conditions are necessary for photosynthesis:





Plants need water for many activities. If they do not get water they could not prepare food. Water enters into the plants through root hairs and reach to other parts of plant through xylem tissues. This water provides hydrogen for synthesis of glucose and helps in opening and closing of stomata.



Carbon Dioxide:


Carbon dioxide is needed in very little quantity by the plants. It diffuses in plants through stomata of plants. Carbon dioxide provides carbon to newly synthesize glucose. If its quantity is increased in atmosphere then the rate of photosynthesis is also increases.

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It is green in colour and present in green leaves. It converts solar energy to chemical energy. Plants without chlorophyll cannot prepare the glucose.





It is very necessary for photosynthesis. It is necessary for reaction of carbon dioxide with water. Photosynthesis cannot takes place without light.





Photosynthesis can takes place in proper temperature. The rate of photosynthesis increases between 10 C to 40 C.


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