The Piece of String Questions and Answers

The Piece of String Questions Answers


Q1.Why did Manana accuse Hubert of picking the lost pocket-book?


Ans. Manana accused Hubert because he saw him picking something on the way to the market place and kept on insisting that Hubert should be held responsible for the loss of the pocket –book.



Q2.What did the people think of Hubert when they heard of the return of the pocket-book by some other persons?


Ans. They held the same view as that of Manana. Although Hubert was innocent, yet the villagers still held the view that he was to be blamed for picking up the pocket book and they also held the view that Hubert sent it later to the Mayor just to save his own skin.



Q3.Why did George give the pocket-book to his employer?


Ans. George handed it over to his employer solely because he desired it to be restored to its owner, whose address he could not read as he was uneducated.

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Q4. What did make Hubert shameful?


Ans. The gilt of being called a liar, made him ashamed. He considered better to die with honour than to live without it.



Q5.Why did the people make fun of his innocence?


Ans. The people made fun of his innocence because they were habitual in fabricating, such cock and bull stories. Another fact that he was poor and they also considered that he would not be able to defend himself in the face of allegations.



Q6.Why did he keep claiming his innocence before his death?


Ans. He kept on claiming his innocence and tried his best to prove it. He hated to be called a liar, even after his death. He did not want to live a life of dishonour and he considered his character as his destiny. It is well remarked by Thomas Hardy:- Character is destiny; And destiny is fate. It is really a curse to live a life of disgrace and being abused. But still they cannot escape any punishment as James Russell Lowell remarked;

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Wrong forever on the thorn

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Standeth God within the Shadow

Keeping watch above His own.

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