PPSC Headmaster/Headmistress New Syllabus & Paper Pattern

PPSC Headmaster Syllabus & Paper Pattern


PPSC Headmaster Headmistress New Syllabus & Paper Pattern 2017


Of course, not everyone is motivated by such “motivation”. However, most people want to live an interesting and happy life , at least according to my observations. And what if, in order to satisfy their interests and needs , a person needs only a well-established practice? But how do you put yourself in this practice? With the help of a self-education platform, which includes fundamental knowledge and horizons .

Without a self-education platform , it is very difficult to master applied practices (since fundamental knowledge develops the brain , helps to deal with complexity and master competencies faster) and much longer. But on the other hand, the outlook sets the interests that a person can subsequently satisfy through the development of applied practices. And human interests, in turn, are shaped by culture and learning .

Thus, it turns out that fundamental and applied education helps a person to satisfy his interests (broad and deep) and live a more interesting life . I understand that it is not always easy to force yourself to start building a powerful platform and invest your time and resources in it, however, after this lecture, I began to understand that this is necessary in order to have wide and deep interests and be able to satisfy them.

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