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Qaisar-o-Kisra Part 3 By Naseem Hijazi Novel

Naseem Hijazi Novel – Qaiser O Kisra Part 3

“Qaisar-o-Kisra” is a Islamic Historic novel which is written by Naseem Hijazi .

Finally, we note that there is another possibility. Namely, complex and rather expensive e-book readers with a TFT display. I myself am not a big fan of TFT devices, since they are more suitable for watching videos and the very assignment of them to devices for reading e-books is rather doubtful (eyes get tired of the LCD screen more than from e-ink. So that’s it. Sophisticated TFT devices, for example, such models as PocketBook IQ 701 or Archos 70b are created under the control of the open Android operating system. And this means almost endless extensibility and increased functionality – thousands of independent programmers are working on the development of applications. So there should be no problem with marking a part of the text.



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Qaisar-o-Kisra Part 2 By Naseem Hijazi

Qaisar-o-Kisra Part 1 By Naseem Hijazi

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