The Rebel Poem Explanation

The Rebel Poem Explanation


Lines 1 – 2


In these lines the poet expresses the attitude of a social rebel. When everybody keeps short and uniform hair, the rebel knowingly grows his hair long. This, he does for the fact that he wants to look different from others.


Lines 3 – 4


In these lines the poet says that the rebel goes against the custom and tradition of the society. When the rest of the society grows long hair, the rebel cuts his hair short. This he does just to have a difference from others.


Lines 5 – 6


In these lines the poet expresses the thought when every member of the society talks during a lesion or meeting, the rebel keeps silent because he wants to be prominent.


Lines 7 – 8


In these lines the poet says when no-body talks during the lesion or meeting, the rebel creates disturbance by talking loudly just to look distinct.

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Lines 9 – 10


These lines show a different position of a rebel. When every person of the society wears simple and uniform clothes, the rebel uses strange and odd clothes. He wants to look distinguished from others.


Lines 11 – 12


In these lines the poet says when all other members of the society use queer and strange clothes, the rebel dresses himself very seriously and soberly.


Lines 13 – 14


In these lines the poet expresses his idea of a rebel. If some people love dogs as pet animals, the rebel talks about the usefulness of cats. He prefers cats to dogs.


Lines 15 – 16


If a rebel is in company of those people who love cats, he prefers dogs to cats. He wants to look different at all costs.


Lines 17 – 18


The poet says if people require the sunlight and praise the sun the rebel is against them. He says that the sun is not required and there is need for rain.

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Lines 19 – 20


When everybody of the society welcomes and requires rain, the rebel says something about the sun. He feels sorry for the absence of the sun. According to him, there is need for the sunlight.


Lines 21 – 22

When every members of the society goes to some gathering and attends the meeting, the rebel stays at home and keeps himself busy by reading a book indoors.


Lines 23 – 24


When everybody of the society stays at home and reads a book, the rebel tries to find some crowd of the people and wants to attend to them.


Lines 25 – 26


When every person asks for something, the rebel rejects the same with thanks because he is a person quite different from others.


Lines 27 – 28


When everybody of the society does not like and does not receive anything and says thanks, for that, the rebel, on purpose, requires that thing and asks for it.

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Lines 29 – 30


In these lines the poet concludes that it is very good that we have social rebels in the society. But naturally, it is not good to become a social rebel. The poet further suggests that if we already have the social rebels, we should tolerate them. Without them life will become monotonous and dull.

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