What is the Relation of Biology with other Sciences

Relation of Biology with other Sciences



It deals with study of those laws of physics which are applicable on biological phenomena.




It is the study of chemicals found in living things.




The data collected from experiments and observations made on organisms is analyzed by various methods of statistics. This is called biometry.




It is the study of distribution of different species of living things found in different geographical region.




It deals with the study of organism from economic point of view.


1. The image on the screen will be clearly distinguishable in external light, and the brighter it is, the better (for smartphones and tablets – vice versa). 2. The screen of the “reader” will be rather slow, since it takes time to mechanically move the particles (in a typical case, the time for a complete image change is 0.3 – 0.5 s) 3. Not entirely obvious, but true: after the stress is removed, the pigment particles do not “disperse”, but remain in place. In this regard, e-ink screens do not consume energy when displaying static images; energy is spent only when they are changed.

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