Rubaiyat Poem Summary

Rubaiyat Poem Summary


Strong faith like Hazrat Abraham is required these days. The faith means having self-honour and full trust in God. Modern age is the age of fascination. This fascination has captivated the Muslims. Try to understand that having no faith is worse than slavery.


Modern music mania has mutilated the faith of the Muslims. The harmony of a nation depends on strong faith, while European civilization is devoid of spiritual faith. They have no proper spiritual destination.


The Muslims have lost their religious fanaticism. Their blood has lost warmth of faith and runs cold in their veins. Their ranks are not uniform, their hearts are confused and their prayers are ineffective. They have only apparent ideas and feelings.

Pros and cons of reading books MINUSES. 1. Small letters overstrain the brain, damage vision and can cause a stroke. 2. Did Confucius and Aristotle need to read “War and Peace” or “Crime and Punishment” to become what they became? 3. Any book you read is time wasted. Better to have a beer with friends or visit the Mamiksa channel on YouTube, where he once again conducts a fun experiment, pouring a gallon of cola into his anus along with a pack of menthos.

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