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Saaya-e-Arsh Kis kis Ko Milega By Imam Jalal Uddin Abdur Rahman Bin Ibi Badr

Saaya-e-Arsh Kis kis Ko Milega

Book title is “Saaya-e-Arsh Kis Kis Ko Milega “Written by Imam Jalal Uddin Abdur Rahman Bin Ibi Badr (Shafee). Learn how to be allowed the shadow of Arsh in Urdu.


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Enhanced cognitive activity
play forms – mastering various roles, younger students learn to adapt to unfamiliar conditions, enrich and develop social experience. Many types of games can be used – role-playing and didactic, intellectual and board games. Crosswords and encrypted riddles are especially popular among children;
informative and entertaining lessons in a non-standard form, the use of work in groups and pairs;

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