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Our School Canteen Essay in English

Our School Canteen Essay


A canteen is a place of rest and refreshment. Every good school has a canteen. Eatables are sold at controlled prices at canteens. Our school has a small canteen. The manager of our canteen is an old man. We call him ‘Baba Jee’. He is very kind to us.

We go to our canteen in recess period. We can have tea, biscuits, toffees, cold drinks and buns and butter from our canteen. Sometimes Nans and Kababs are also available. Our school canteen is a place of attraction for us. It is a point of fun and refreshment for us.

‘Baba Jee’ keeps the canteen neat and clean. His quality of tea is superior. He sells wholesome things at reasonable rates. He loves us like his own children.

There is a great rush in canteen during recess. Our school canteen caters for our needs in good manner. We like our school canteen much.

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