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What is Second Equation of Motion

Second Equation of Motion


Second Equation of Motion


According to the definition of the acceleration “The rate of change of velocity is called acceleration”.

i.e. Acceleration = Change of velocity/time

= > a = Vf-Vi/t


at = Vf – Vi




Vf = Vi + at ———–(i)


Substituting The average velocity:


Vav = (Vi + Vf)2 ——–(ii)


The distance covered by the body in a unit:


S = Vav/t


Putting the value of Vav from Equation (ii):


S = (Vi + Vf)/2] * t


Putting the value of Vf from equation (i).


S = [(Vi+Vi+at)/2]*t


S = [(2Vi+at)/2]*t


S = (Vi+at/2}*t


S = (ViT + l/2at2) (Here 2 is The square of the Time “t”. Don’t write this sentence in Examination}


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