Severija Janusauskaite Age Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Severija Janusauskaite Age Biography

Severija Janusauskaite Age Biography: Severija Januauskait is a charming Lithuanian theatre and cinema actress who also sometimes works as a singer, playwright, ensemble founder, and design model. Her performance in the dramatic film Star (2014), for which she won a Golden Eagle Award, is widely regarded as her career highlight. Her birthday is October 22nd, 1981, and she was born in the city of iauliai in Lithuania.

Severija Janusauskaite Family Info:

Information about her family includes the fact that her mother is a teacher and that her father is a force engineer. Her sister is now working as a protected innovation legal counsellor at the exchange affiliation, where she is advising the account business.

Severija Janusauskaite Education:

She had a brief stint studying music before transferring out of an expressive arts institution. After much deliberation, she left the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater in 2005 to enrol in a programme that would allow her to study theatre and cinema.

Height, Weight, Body Stats, Career:

It was with the short film “The Flame” that she made her debut in the film industry. After then, she appeared in two other television arrangements, including the worldwide co-production War and Peace (2007) and the Norwegian Honeytrap (2008). Her first major part was in the Lithuanian-Hungarian comedy drama film Anarchy Girls (2010), in which she appeared. In this film, she was one of the leading characters. The role that the actress played in Anna Melikian’s film Star was largely responsible for her rise to stardom in Russia and other countries (2014). Film critics were particularly impressed by her portrayal of the socialite Margarita, and she was awarded the Golden Eagle for her work in the role.

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Because of her roles in many important television films that were released in 2017, Severija Januauskait became well-known to a sizable audience in both Russia and Germany. Januauskait is known for her role as the double expert Swetlana Sorokina in Tom Tykwer’s Babylon Berlin, which made its debut in October on Sky 1 and is also a historical show set in 1920s Berlin.

In 2018, when the arrangement started to broadcast on free TV, the melody became the most popular song in Germany’s Amazon and iTunes download charts. This happened after the arrangement began airing on free TV. She believes that the role she played in Babylon Berlin was the most important one she’s had to this point in her career.

Severija Janusauskaite Movies List:

The Flame, as Seen on Film and Television (2004)
The Year 2006 Has No Focus (Nefokuse)
Conflict and Composure (2007)
Honeytrap is a 2008 film (Honningfellen)
The View from the Opposite Side of the Wall (2009) (Les dernières heures du mur)
2h Two Hours (2010) (2h Dvi valandos)
Anarchy Girls (2010) (Anarchija Žirmūnuose)
I really like the song “The Bullet in Your Heart” (2010) (Myliu kulką tavo širdyje)
Laima Is the One Who Chooses the Future (2010) (Taip Laima lėmė)
The jewels of the Crown (2011) (Kronjuvelerna)
The stronghold of slumbering butterflies and dragonflies (2011) (Miegančių drugelių tvirtovė)
Comma (2012) (Komats)
Experman (2012) (Expermenas)
Messages addressed to Sofija (2012) (Laiškai Sofijai)
Reeba (2012) (Ryba)
Violence (2013) (Smurtas)
Godfather (2014) (2014)
Star (2014) (2014)
Sugar Time (2014) (Zuckerzeit)
In Search of Happiness (2015)
Until No (2015)
The Location Precisely (2015)
The Viking / Norseman (2015)
Sinickis – Juokas pro ašaras (2015) (Sinickis – Juokas pro ašaras)
Be Mine by The Roop, released in 2015 (The Roop – Be Mine)
Concerning Soccer and Angels in the Bible (2016)
Dreamfish (2016) (2016)
Emilia (2016) (Emilija iš Laisvės alėjos)
Those Who Have Hope (2017)
Babylon Berlin (2017) (Babylon Berlin)
“Motherland” (2018), also known as “Gimtin,”
Isaac (2018) (2018) (Izaokas)
What Unspoken Gerda Is Aware Of (2018) (Ko zina klusā Gerda)
(Nepalaidotas) Short Waves from Unburied (2018) (Nepalaidotas) (2018)
Bloody Lady (2018)
Polina (2018) (2018)
Mermaids (2018) (2018)
Selfie (2018) (2018)
The second season of Sleepers (2018)
A First Pass at It (2018)
These are the Silver Skates (2020)
Winning Awards: Awards Given Out at the Sochi Open Russian Film Festival
Golden Eagle Awards
Awards Given Out at the Honleur Russian Film Festival

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Severija Janusauskaite Age Biography

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