Shahnama-e-Islam Volume 1 By Hafeez Jalandhari

Shahnama-e-Islam Volume 1

The book “Shahnama-e-Islam” is a very famous book about Islamic History in the form of Urdu language This book was written by Abul Asar H afeez Jalandhari. Any parent will tell you that it is extremely difficult to find a good tutor. Here, both the experience of a specialist and his personal qualities, for example, the ability to find an approach to a child, are important. After all, young children are little motivated for conscious learning, and in most cases the most effective way of teaching schoolchildren is through play.


You can download Part 1 of this book from the below link in Pdf format to read offline.


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Shahnama-e-Islam Volume 4 By Hafeez Jalandhari

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