Sir Alexander Fleming Questions and Answers

Sir Alexander Fleming Questions Answers


Q. 1: Who is the writer of the essay Sir Alexander Fleming?


Ans: Patrick pringle is the writer of the essay „Sir Alexander Fleming.



Q. 2: What are antiseptics?


Ans: Germs can be killed or destroyed or poisoned by using some chemicals known as antiseptics.



Q. 3: What is the antiseptics method?


Ans: Anti-septic are the substances when are entered the body they kill the germs of diseases theta are harmful for the body.



Q. 4: What was the chief defect of antiseptic method?


Ans: The chief defect of anti-septic method was that it not only destroyed the germs but also the white blood cells of body, which are very important in the human body.



Q. 5: What part is played by the white cells in the blood of a human body?


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Ans: The white blood cells of the body are to protect the body against disease.


Q. 6: Describe how Fleming discovered penicillin?


Ans: In 1922, Fleming was suffering from catarrh. He examined his own nasal secretions. He found a natural antiseptic produced by the body itself.



Q. 7: What was aseptic method?


Ans: The method in which heat was used to destroy the germs of dise4eases was known as aseptic




Q. 8: In what respect is penicillin better than the chemical antiseptics?


Ans: Penicillin is better than other chemical antiseptics as it destroys only germs of disease and is harmless to the white cells of the blood.



Q. 9: Was Fleming proud of his discovery?


Ans: Fleming was humble and not proud of his discovery. He said, “Nature makes penicillin, I just found it”.



Q. 10: Why couldn’t penicillin have been discovered in the research laboratories America?

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Ans: Penicillin could not have been discovered in laboratories of America as these were very neat, clean and covered from all sides and spore of penicillin could not reach inside them.



Q. 11: Fleming’s achievement paved the way for other discoveries in the medical field. What are they?


Ans: Penicillin had many advantages. Firstly, it was a blessing in the world of medicine. Secondly, it had stimulated other scientist to discover new antibiotics.

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