Smoke Screen Play Summary

Smoke Screen One Act Play Summary


The play is a serious social comedy. Its story is a three-sided conflict. Primrose, the young heroine is a modern girl. Her mother, Lucy Aston, is a liberal lady divorced by her charming husband. Susan, her aunt, is a conservative.


Lucy does not like to interfere with her daughter‟s affairs. Susan tries to warn her against the dangers faced by Primrose. Primrose wants to marry a footballer, John. Her mother and Susan are astonished. Susan leaves the house in disgust.


Her mother decides to let her marry. But she says she will keep a vigilant watch over her daughter’s husband through the smoke screen of her taxi car business. She does not like to lose her daughter. But she is quite helpless.


Giving birth to a number of new professions and new features of labor activity, technical progress makes ever higher demands on the quality of general education, special (by profession) and physical training of future workers and employees. Speed ​​and accuracy of actions (accuracy in micro time intervals, muscle efforts and spatial characteristics) is characteristic of motor activity in modern forms of labor associated with the control of complex equipment. Work activities are often associated with quick perception of the situation, processing in a short period of time the information received and an urgent response.

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