The Solitary Reaper Poem Reference to Context

The Solitary Reaper Reference to Context




These lines have been taken from the poem “The Solitary Reaper” written by William Wordsworth.




In this poem the poet tells us the story of a lovely Highland Girl, who is working in a field and singing a song. He is deeply impressed by her song and remembers the melody of her song even after he has left the place. He cannot understand the language of the song but the sad beauty of her voice goes straight to his heart. The atmosphere of the poem and the song of the girl as a part of the beauty of Nature leave a lasting impression on the mind of the poet.

Emmanuel Swedenborg prophetically wrote in his work “On Heaven, on the World of Spirits and on Hell.” Now it becomes clear to me how a world in which there is no time can look like. A world in which beings can take any form and communicate with anyone, regardless of where they are or who they are. The boundless World of information, in which love and truth reigns.

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