Solomon A Novel By Aslam Raza

Solomon A Novel By Aslam Raza

Title of the book is “Solomon” Written By Aslam Raza. Narrated by Suleman. A mysterious true story in Urdu language. Download the complete novel 7 parts in pdf format to read offline.


Download Part 1 to 3

Download Part 4 to 5

Download Part 6

Download Part 7


You must clearly know why you are learning the language. This is important both for those who learn the language from scratch and for those who want to improve their knowledge. Answers must be specific. “Just in case”, “for the future”, “for everything” – does not work. After all, we cannot learn just like that, it negatively affects our emotional side. The choice must be reasonable, deliberate. The decision must be rational, the only way it can resist laziness and apathy, which often rolls over for various reasons. Only motivation helps to start learning the language correctly and bring the matter to a victorious end. Think, why do you need all this? What role does learning play in achieving a goal? If secondary, are there other ways to get what you want?

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