Son Ye-jin Age Biography, Wiki, Height, Net Worth

Son Ye-jin Age Biography

Son Ye-jin Age Biography: Son Ye-jin is a stunning South Korean on-screen actress, and her age and biography are shown below. Films such as Alone in Love (2006), My Wife Got Married (2008), and The Pirates (2008) are among her most commercially successful works (2014).

Son Ye-jin Age

Her birthday is January 11 and she was born in Daegu, South Korea, in the Suseong District. The age that Son Ye-jin is at the moment is [dob].

Son Ye-jin Family & Education

Son Ye-jin Career

After making her debut in a supporting part in Park Ki-film hyung’s Secret Tears, Son Ye-jin went on to play the lead character in a number of TV dramatisations, such as Delicious Proposal, Sun-hee and Jin-hee, and Great Ambition. Her career began with a role in Park Ki-film hyung’s Secret Tears.

Her first significant part in a movie was in Chi-hwa-seon, which was directed by Im Kwon-taek and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002, where it received the award for Best Director. A Moment to Remember, which was based on a famous Japanese arrangement, established film industry precedents in Japan and sold more than 2,000,000 tickets in Korea. April Snow, in which she co-starred with genius Bae Yong-joon, was also a hit in Japan and China. Her subsequent two movies also end up being enormous hits in Asia.

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In 2018, Son appeared with So Ji-sub in the tearjerker film Be with You, which was based on the Japanese story of the same name. The agreement was a commercial success, and Son’s performance garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers.

Child also appeared in the criminal action thriller The Negotiation, co-starring with Hyun Bin, in which he played an experienced mediator seeking to save the lives of convicts.

In 2019, Son reunited with Hyun Bin to play the role of a wealthy benefactor who develops ardent affections for a North Korean commission officer in the smash emotional programme Crash Landing on You. Hyun Bin played the role of Son.

The programme was a tremendous success and is now ranked as the second-most significant assessed Korean dramatisation in the annals of the history of digital television.

Son Ye-jin Movies List

“Secret Tears” (2000)
(Shim Soo-in) The Lover’s Concerto Is Considered To Be A Classic (2003) (Ji-hye)
The Wildest First Love Ever (2003) (Jul ll-mae)
Snowfall in April (2005) (Seo-young)
The Craft of Sexual Allure (2005) (Han Ji-won)
Open City (2008) (Baek Jang-mi)
There Was a Wedding for My Wife (2008) (Joo In-ah)
The Night is White (2009) (Yoo Mi-ho)
Spellbound (2012) (2012) (Kang Yeo-ri)
It is the Tower (2012) (Seo Yoon-hee)
Blood and Connections (2013) (Jung Da-eun)
The Skull and Bones (2014) (Yeo-wol)
The Reality Lying Beneath (2016) (Kim Yeon-hong)
The Crown’s Final Princess (2016) (Princess Deokhye) in a nutshell
Stay close to you (2018) (Soo-ah)
The Discussion and Dealing (2018) (Ha Chae-yoon) [transliteration] Shows and Serials on Television: “Delicious Proposal” (2001) Great Ambition (2002), directed by Jang Hee-ae (Choi Dong-hee)
Alone in Love (2006), directed by Shim Hye-won Summer Scent (2003) (Yoo Eun-ho)
The film “Spotlight” (2008) (Seo Woo-jin)
Individual Preferences (2010) Park Kae-Secret in’s Garden (2011); Herself’s The Legend of Orpheus (2013); Jo Hae-Something woo’s in the Rain (2018) are the films that Park Kae-in directed (Yoo Jin-ah)
Suddenly Crashing Down on You (2019-20) (Yoon Se-ri)
MBC Drama Awards, the 22nd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, the 40th Grand Bell Awards, the 39th Baeksang Arts Awards, the 24th Blue Dragon Film Awards, and the 51st Asia Pacific Film Festival Awards are included in the winning awards list.
42nd Baeksang Arts Awards 2nd Asia Model Festival Awards SBS Drama Awards 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards
1st Style Icon Awards 1st Korea Jewelry Awards 25th Korea Best Dresser Awards Korea Fashion & Design Awards 1st Style Icon Awards 1st Korea Jewelry Awards
31st Blue Dragon Film Awards 1st Seoul Arts & Culture Awards 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards 51st Grand Bell Awards 29th Grand Bell Awards 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards
13th Seoul International Drama Awards 2nd Elle Style Awards [13th Seoul International Drama Awards] Awards Given Out at the Faro Island Film Festival

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Son Ye-jin Age Biography
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