Story on Moral No Pain No Gain

No Pain No Gain


Once upon a time there lived a foolish cricket in a garden. He kept on singing merrily throughout spring and summer. He did not lay by anything for winter.

Soon the winter season set in. Snow covered everything. He could not find anything to eat. He began to starve. One day he went to an ant living nearby.

He begged for food and shelter. The ant said, “We ants neither lend nor borrow”. She asked him what he had been doing in spring and summer. The cricket replied, “It was so pleasant that I had been singing all the time”.

Now spend the whole winter in dancing!” the ant replied, “Those who do not save something for future must live without food”.



No pains, no gains.

Save something for rainy days


Sending a child to school , each parent seeks to collect the most necessary things for him . This applies not only to work accessories, but also to various items for playing and relaxing during the break. What can you take with you to school , and what should you refuse?

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Items that cannot be brought to an educational institution

1. Items that can harm the health of the child and others. If a technology lesson requires scissors, a needle and thread, then these lesson accessories should be stored in a separate folder. Also, the child should be aware of safety precautions and the correct use of these items.

2.Cards and other games of chance. Often, those children whose parents themselves are not averse to playing cards bring cards to school. It is necessary to explain to the child that cards and school are not compatible concepts and it is better not to get involved in these games at all.

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