Story on Moral Pride hath a Fall

Pride hath a Fall


Once a cat met a fox in the forest. The fox greeted the cat and invited her to have a chat. But the cat said that it was not a safe place because the hunters usually came that way.

The fox did not care for the warning of cat and boasted of his knowing many tricks to dodge hunters. He inquired the cat how many tricks she knew to dodge the hunters. She simply replied that she only knew how to climb a tree in the time of danger.

The fox looked down upon the cat. Just then, the cat noticed a hunter approaching with a pack of hounds. She at once climbed up the nearest tree and saved her life. The hounds came upon the vain fox very soon.

The fox ran for his life but the hounds overtook him and tore him into pieces.


Vanity is self deception.

Pride hath a fall.

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Have your child draw a sketch or drawing of a restaurant. Is there a fountain in the center of the hall? Or will it be in the thick of the rainforest? Will it be the first orbital restaurant or a Martian diner?

The power of art

Not all children like to go to museums. For some, they give a depressing impression, so you can preview the exhibits online in advance and choose one object or work of art to study it in detail. When you come to the museum, look for this exhibit. If you devote enough time to one work, it will open up to you in a completely different way.

Let the child stand in front of the exhibit – it can be a painting, photograph or sculpture. Let the exhibit inspire him to come up with a story. If the child does not come to mind, he can simply write down what he sees, and then gradually deepen the perception by asking questions: “What is hidden behind the surface impression?”.

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