Sun Li Age Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Height

Sun Li Age Biography

Sun Li Age Biography: A Chinese actress with the stage name Susan Sun, sometimes known simply as Sun Li.

Sun Li Age

The date of her conception was September 26th, 1982. At this point in time, she is 40 years old. In 2018, she became the youngest Chinese on-screen actress to win the “Excellent Slam.” This came after she had already won the three most prestigious awards, the Flying Apsaras Awards, the Golden Eagle Awards, and the Magnolia Awards. In all, she had won the “Excellent Slam” in 2018. On the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list, Sun was in the 22nd place in 2013, the 30th position in 2014, the sixth position in 2015, the thirteenth position in 2017, and the 22nd position in 2019. Check out the following to learn more about Sun Li age biography, marriage, personal life, family, movies, and more.

Sun Li Professional Career

Her professional career began in 2003 when she was cast as the female lead in the television series Goddess of Mercy, which was produced by the novelist and TV producer Hai Yan. As a result of the enormously favourable responses she received from viewers on her portrayal of A Xin, Sun came to prominence in China as one of the most inspiring young actresses working in the film industry. At the 28th Annual Hundred Flowers Awards in 2006, Sun was honoured with the award for Best Newcomer for her performance in the film Huo Yuanjia, which also starred Jet Li. At that time, she had a role with Huang Xiaoming in the 2007 film Shanghai Bund, which was a remake of the 1980 television series The Bund.

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Empresses in the Palace was a production that received a lot of appreciation from a lot of people, and Sun played the role of Zhen Huan in that show. This helped Sun get more widespread recognition. Because of her performance in the role, she was nominated for an International Emmy Award in the Best Actress category. At the twenty first Shanghai Television Festival, Sun was awarded the Best Actress grant for her performance in the character of a free mother in the film Hot Mom! (2013). In addition, she was awarded the prize for China’s Most Popular Actress at the ninth annual China Golden Eagle TV Arts Festival.

In the recorded programme The Legend of Mi Yue, which aired in 2015, Sun gave the performance as Queen Dowager Xuan, the most powerful stateswoman in China. The agreement was a commercial triumph, and it garnered the highest evaluations that any deal did all through the previous year. At the 22nd Shanghai Television Festival, Sun took home the medal for Best Actress for the second time. During the same year, Sun tried out her first parody work in Devil and Angel, which was coordinated by her spouse Deng Chao.

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In the period show Nothing Gold Can Stay, which aired in 2017, Sun played the main character. The show was based on the real-life story of Zhou Ying, a maturing agent who takes on the responsibilities from her late spouse and begins remaking their business domain without any preparation. Sun portrayed Zhou Ying. At the Flying Apsaras Awards, Sun was recognised as the Outstanding Actress because of how well she performed her duties in the role. In 2018, Sun starred as the main character in the recorded movie Shadow, which was directed by Zhang Yimou. In 2019, Sun was selected to play the role of a renowned property consultant in the dramatisation of the show Your Home Is My Business.

Sun Li Children, Wife, and Other Family Members:

Sun and the actor Deng Chao first registered their marriage in 2010, and two years later, in 2011, when she was already five months pregnant, they had their actual wedding ceremony. They are parents to two children, a boy called Deng Han Zhi who was born in November 2011 and a young lady who goes by the name Deng Han Yi (conceived in May 2014). By participating in the enemy of hide advertising that was run by PETA Asia in 2010, Sun was able to convey her stance against the callous treatment of animals. Check out the following to learn more about Sun Li’s kids, son, daughter, boyfriends list, dating history, and hubby.

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Sun Li Net Worth

The amount of money that Sun Li has in their bank accounts is anywhere between 1 and 5 million dollars (Approx).

Sun Li Movies List:

“Fearless” (Fearless) (2006)
The Skin Is Painted (2008)
Highway of Iron (2009)
Just Another Pandora’s Box was released in 2010, while The Lost Bladesman was released in 2011. (2011)
Simply Another Profit Margin (2014)
The Expert in Parting Ways (2014)
Shadow of the Devil and the Angel (2015) (2018)
Romance in the Pouring Rain may be seen on television (2001)
The Goddess of Compassion (2003)
One Bright Spot amid the Clouds (2004)
The Emerald above the House (2005)
Shanghai Bund (2007)
Tian Mi Mi (2008)
Auntie Duohe (2009)
Hot Mom! (2013)
There is no gold that can endure (2017)
Your House Is Where I Make Money (2020)
Last Romance (2020)
Awards Taken Home, Including Those from the 22nd Annual China TV Golden Eagle Awards
28TH Annual Hundred Flowers Awards 14TH Annual Chunyan Awards
Awards given out at the 2nd Roma FictionFest Awards, the 27th Flying Apsaras Awards, the 25th Gemini Awards, and the 4th China TV Drama Awards
The 2nd Annual Asia Rainbow Television Awards
Awards given out during the 20TH Shanghai Television Festival and the 31ST Flying Apsaras

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