Tabaqat Ibn Saad Urdu Pdf Free Download

Tabaqat Ibn Saad Urdu Pdf Free Download

Tabaqat e Ibne Saad written by Muhammad ibn Saad is one in every one of the best authorities on Islamic history and Muslim chronicle. His real name was Muhammad Ibn Saad ibn Mani Al-Zuhree Abu Abdullah. He was one of them to the main of Arabic tribe of Banu Hashim. Ibn Saad is claimed to have been born in 148 AH within the town of Basra that is currently in Iraq. He migrate to Baghdad to more his Muslim information and he resided there for the bulk of his life. He was died in 230 AH.

Tabaqat ibn Saad is the most valuable account of his works on the Islamic history from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to his own era. This book contains a collection of immense assortment of biographies and life stories. It is one in each of the foremost necessary and earliest extant story, collections of narrations, and has been utilized by Muslim students as a relevancy to the present time. The work contains over 3400 biographies of the famous Muslims personalities and 600 Muslim pious ladies. The book is divided in 4 volumes. The first 2 volumes are related to the history and biography of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him., Volumes three and four contain the story on the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon Him), and later Muslim personalities.

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