The Tale of Two Cities Questions and Answers

The Tale of Two Cities Questions


Q1. Under what circumstances the victims have to pass through?


Ans. The victims had to pass through the worse experience of human history. It was a heart rending and terrible spectacle of destruction and human misery, which turned the beautiful smiling Cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima into deep dark valley of tears, taking away the loving one, depriving mother of their loving sons, women of their husbands bringing to them unbearable misery and unrealizable loss. It was an acute agony as the cries of the grieved and bereaved mother and injured citizens lying in the open fields, were echoing everywhere. There was no flesh on the arms and legs of the dead persons or victims of this disaster as the edges of their white bones were visible under their charred skin. However, the poet pays tribute to the brave and courageous people of these two devastated cities as they bore the miseries and pains with immense dignity.

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Q2. Describe the scene of devastation?


Ans. It was a heart rending and terrible spectacle of death and destruction of human life and property. The environment of both the cities was woeful, which were turned into wilderness in few seconds. Moreover, the intensity of the radiations so severe that the all the victims turned into ashes. The concrete houses and buildings were reduced to rubble. The hills were presenting a horrible bald structure. The dead bodies were lying everywhere, with no one to dispose of. There was neither any help for the injured nor coffin for the dead. After this tragedy, Nagasaki was presenting the sketch of hell and a deadly vale of tears and suffering. Such suffering could not be borne by anyone even by a brute.

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