Tareekh Ibn Kaseer Urdu PDF Complete 16 Volumes

Tareekh Ibn Kaseer Urdu

Tareekh Ibn Kaseer OR Tareekh-e-Ibne Kathir is an authentic Islamic history which was written by Allama Hafiz Abu Al-Fida, Imad-ud-Din, Ibn Kaseer Damashqi of Basra, Syria.

Tareekh Ibn Kaseer is an authoritative sources on Islamic history. A facet of the book is that it is not solely deals with past events, but conjointly speculates as to the events of the past mentioned by Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam). Islam, the life of the Prophet of Islam, and consequently the times of the Sahabah (Rasulullah’s companions) up to the eighth century. Jannah or Jahannam. The last volume of the records.

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