The Old Man And The Sea Complete Notes of BA English

Complete notes of BA English Novel “The Old Man And The Sea” With all the details, points and questions with detailed answers.

The Old Man And The Sea BA English Notes. These notes are very easy to understand, you can also print these notes if you like or you can read them online in our database.

The Old Man And The Sea is a famous novel written by Ernest Hemingway and this novel is the most common and famous novel across the globe.

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The Old Man And The Sea


Short & Important Questions for BA Novel

1- Character Analysis of Manolin in the old Man and the Sea

2- Who is Joe Dimaggio in the old Man and the Sea?

3- How does the old Man Finally kill the Marlin?


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BA English Questions with Answers

Is it important to seek or understand the meaning of your life? Life on the machine does not even leave time to think about this issue. Many do not even think, but at the end of their lives they regret something. But on the other hand, I would not like to bother with philosophical searches, if only because the life of an individual person does not really mean anything from the point of view of evolution.

And evolution probably has no definite purpose. Evolution is an endless process of survival, mutation, adaptation , etc. I would like to find my destiny, but at the same time not to inflate from this pathos or invent the existence of “higher forces” (God’s providence).

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