What is the Theme of the Story Araby

Theme of the Story Araby


The theme of the story “Araby” is that the subjective feelings of a person and the objective world are two opposing things. There is no agreement between them. First, we do not understand this disagreement, but later we come to understand that, and we are disillusioned. Then we are sad and dejected.


The narrator in the story is in love with his friend’s sister. To him his subjective feeling of love is the only reality. All other things have no importance for him. Nothing is important for him now. He usually weeps without knowing why he is weeping. These are the subjective feelings of the boy. This is his illusion.


His objective world is that he is just schoolboy. Perhaps he is an orphan too. His uncle is his patron. He should not have promised the girls that he would bring something or her. He cannot bring anything for her, because he is himself dependent on his uncle.

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There is great disagreement between his subjective feelings and the objective world. When he comes to understand this disagreement, is disillusioned. Then he is sad and dejected.


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