Times Poem from Ecclesiastes Explanation

Times Poem by Ecclesiastes Explanation


The poem “Time” is an ecclesiastical poem, which highlights the importance of time in organizing the phenomenon and cycles in the universe. The anonymous poet reflects that everything in this world is systematic and every process /phenomenon takes place at the stipulated or specified time i.e. the change of season, the cycle of life from birth to death, the time of marry making, the moment of victory and rejoicing, time to worship and time to go to bed, season to sow and time to reap. Time for mirth and time for dirge (lament). In short all our activities are interwoven in the net of time and it is indispensable entity in human life.



Q1. Explain the message in the first eight lines of the poem “Time”?


Ans. The first eight lines of the poem emphasizes the importance of time and reflect that every process /phenomenon occur in this world at stipulated time prescribed by the nature. A time to sow the crops and the time season to reap. Everything in this world is time oriented. Time of birth and moment of death i.e. both happy and sad moments are intermingled in human life as it is well said:- “Human life is a pendulum between smiles and tears” In human life the moments of marry making and moments of mourning over the funeral are also specified. Those people never succeed, who keep on waiting for good time and hesitate to work and to take risk. Deciding today is less risky than waiting till all the risks are removed, man must take full advantage of opportunity and chance in his life, because chance and opportunities never repeat.

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