Times Poem from Ecclesiastes Summary

Times Poem by Ecclesiastes Summary


Everything is bound to its season. And everything under the sky has its peculiar time. There is a proper time for birth and death. For planting a tree there is proper time and for harvesting again time is very much important. Time is again important to decide when to demolish and when to build. For merry making and for feeling grieved there is proper time.


Time has also a role to throw the stones or gather them. Proper time is also allocated for love and hate. It is necessary to follow the time schedule for getting or losing something, keeping something or casting it away, sewing some thing or rending any thing. Time also plays very important role to decide the time of silence or the time of speaking.

That is, roughly speaking, we are 99% genetically the same. At the same time, children who are even more than 99% similar genetically to their parents may have a radically different personality. That is why, it seems to me, it is so important to leave behind not just another impoverished incubator slave, but your information copy. Because it is in the information plane that the individual is unique. And in genetic terms, he can generally be exactly like someone else (for example, identical twins are completely identical in terms of genes).

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