TOP 10 Tourist Attractions in Washington DC | Best Place to Visit

Tourist Attractions in Washington DC

Are you searching for the TOP 10 Tourist Attractions in Washington DC, then you have reached the right place as we are going to discuss the most attractive places or top 10 places to visit in Washington DC.

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Tourist Attractions in Washington DC

1. Visit the National Air and Space Museum to learn about the history of aviation. Exhibits range from aircraft to supersonic aircraft and spacecraft.

TOP 10 Tourist Attractions in Washington DC

2. Discover the history of the natural world from giant dinosaurs to the smallest insects and organisms at the National Museum of Natural History. Don’t miss the Hope Diamond and the Butterfly Pavilion.

3. The National Zoo has more than 2,000 animals, including the famous giant pandas Tian Tian and Mei Xiang, and the South American rainforest ecosystem has been recreated.

Zoo washington dc

4. Watch the people watching the fountain at Dupont Circle. The historic district surrounding the park boasts beautiful architecture and many galleries, shops and restaurants of all nationalities.

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5. Plan a day at the National Gallery of Art, which displays masterpieces of the Renaissance and modern art, as well as the Sculpture Garden.

Gallery of Art washington dc

6. Explore the cobbled streets of Georgetown and enjoy shopping at the many unique boutiques and restaurants. At night, the surroundings come alive with a varied nightlife.

7. Newseum offers 14 galleries with over 500 years of journalism and news history. You’ll get to know the most up-to-date interactive exhibitions – you can even see the news broadcast live!

8. Alexandria, Virginia is a short subway ride away. You can tour the many historic sites in Old Town, spend the day shopping, or dine on the Potomac River while enjoying views of Washington.

9. Visit East Market, Washington’s oldest public market, which hosts weekend live music performances and displays of crafts, jewelry, and fresh market food.

10. Discover the Library of Congress, where you can see the Gutenberg Bible, as well as historic drafts of the Declaration of Independence and a copy of George Washington’s Constitution.

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