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How does TV Camera work in Physics

TV Camera and its Working



For the purpose of TV Transmission, TV Camera focuses an object to be televised. The convex lens of the TV Camera produces an image on the thin sensitive plate known as mosaic screen. The mosaic screen is fixed in the camera and has the ability to emit electrons. When light is stronger, more electrons are given out the material making positive at this location.


The beam of electrons from the electron gun in the camera tube is meant for scanning the back surface of the mosaic screen along the successive longitudinal lines in it. Special magnetic deflection system achieves this purpose. As soon as the beam hits on an area with high positive charge, few of the negative charges are repelled. If the positive charge is less, more of the electrons are emitted.


After the collection of these electrons it is converted into voltage pulse known as video signal. The video signals that have been amplified are utilized to manufacture very high frequency. This frequency is received by a television antenna, which reverses the process and gives us a clear animated picture on the screen.

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