What are the Two Types of Reproduction

Two Types of Reproduction


There are two types of reproduction:


1) Asexual Reproduction:


It is type of reproduction which takes place without involvement of gametes and all the offspring are produced from single parent by mitotic cell division. The different methods of asexual reproduction are binary fission, multiple fission, budding, spore formation, vegetative propagation, regeneration and parthenogenesis.




  1. i) This method is efficient.


  1. ii) A shorter time is taken for this process.




  1. i) Non-mixing of hereditary material does not improve the genetic make up.


  1. ii) This method does not produce variety among the descendents.


iii) If environmental conditions changes accidentally for a particular species, this would result in the death of all members of that species.


2) Sexual Reproduction:


It is type of reproduction which takes place with the involvement of gametes.




  1. i) Genetic variability is produced due to mixing of hereditary materials.
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  1. ii) Genetic variability helps the organism to live successfully in changing environment.


iii) Some offspring would survive, if most of them are wiped off by a disease



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