University of Washington at Seattle

University of Washington at Seattle

Thomas Jefferson Medical University is valued all over the world, is in the top 5% of the best specialized educational institutions and ranks among the 750 most prestigious in the world. To get into the ranks of students is the dream of most applicants who want to connect their lives with medicine.

University of Washington at Seattle

History of the University of Washington in Seattle

The history of the University of Washington began in 1861 with a small building in Seattle, which was already closed in 1907 due to its accident rate. For several years, the educational process was suspended while a new campus was searched for and ennobled, which since 1909 was based in a large exhibition complex. During the war, medicine received special development, growing from a small medical club into a separate medical center.

Some decisions of the administration were very tough and undemocratic: after the attack on Pearl Harbor, it was decided to exclude all Japanese from students, including American citizens of Japanese descent. At one point, thousands of students found themselves without a place of study, diplomas, funds for education and prospects. Diplomas were issued only in 2008.
The golden period was 1965-1975, when the state and philanthropists began to intensify their investments, a strong “golden” teaching staff was invited and a number of serious studies were carried out that could glorify the institution of higher education and the professorship.
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Structure of the University of Washington in Seattle USA
In 2011, the national Slate Travel + Leisure rating was carried out, according to which the university was recognized as the most beautiful in the United States. The campus stands on the bay, mountains are visible nearby, and in the immediate vicinity there is a national botanical garden and several squares. The campus has its own lake, several sports fields, a gym, a swimming pool and a medical clinic.

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In international rankings, the University of Washington in Seattle is in the top 5% of the best in the world, the 5 most prestigious in the United States. The university has 16 colleges, several laboratories, specialized schools and research centers, the Henry Art Gallery and the Museum of History.

The main faculties and directions are:

Arts, Science and Media;
Architecture, construction;
Administration and planning of business processes;
Ecology and environment protection;
Information technology, science and progress;
Jurisprudence, economic and civil law;
Medical practice, medicine;
Social management.
There are about 140 directions in the structure of the university, which are available for bachelors and masters. The number of full-time students is about 40,000 and about 8,000 receive knowledge remotely. The University of Washington accepts students from both Americans and foreign citizens, who send up to 10,000 applications for admission annually, despite the huge cost of studying. The total number of foreign citizens is 7,500, which is 6% of the total number of students.

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The teaching staff consists of 4,800 teachers, some of which are invited experts from Europe, Asia, Canada and Japan.

Admission and Tuition Fees at the University of Washington Seattle in the USA
It is quite difficult to enter the University of Washington in Seattle, and not every family can pay for the course. For admission, you must provide a number of documents and go through several stages of testing:

Certificate from school / college or other place of study;
GMAT certificate (for some disciplines);
IELTS/TOEFL English Proficiency Certificate
GPA scores from 3.0;
Bank statement confirming the availability of free funds in the account in excess of the cost of 1 year of study;
Letters of recommendation.
According to statistics, only 40% of all applications go to the stage of a personal interview, as a result of which no more than 25% of the most worthy and promising applicants remain.
In order for the application for admission to be considered and entered into the general database, it is necessary to pay an entrance fee of $ 75, which is not refundable in case of further failure.

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The cost of 1 course for Americans: undergraduate – from $ 22,000, master’s – from $ 26,000 per year. For foreigners, the cost is traditionally higher: a bachelor’s course – from $52,000, a master’s course – from $56,000.
Given such a high cost of education, the administration and the national funding fund provide all possible assistance in the form of scholarships and grants, which receive about 58% of students.

Scholarships are designed exclusively for American citizens, and foreign students turn to private companies and foundations that are further interested in employing staff.

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