Using the Scientific Method Question Answers

Using the Scientific Method Question Answers


Q. 1: How has the scientific method helped us in our fight against disease?


Ans: The scientific method has helped us in knowing the causes of diseases and their prevention. It has also enabled us to make life saving drugs.



Q. 2: Write a note on the better sanitary conditions available in our cities today and compare them with what they were like a hundred years ago?


Ans: Today, our city streets are paved and well drained. They are cleaned regularly. Garbage and sewage is disposed properly. A hundred years ago, the streets were unpaved and poorly drained. Household garbage and other refuse were thrown in the streets. So, today sanitary conditions are far better than a hundred years ago.



Q. 3: What are sanitary conditions like our villages today and how would you improve them?


Ans: Today, our villages are poorly drained, outdoor toilets are common and streets are unpaved. We could improve them by awaring people about better sanitation and its positive effect on their health.

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Q. 4: How has scientific method helped us in the production and preservation of foods?


Ans: Through scientific method, we get more production of food. Modern methods of selecting, grading and processing have helped us a lot in the preservation of food.



Q. 5: We are less fearful than our ancestors. What were our ancestors afraid of?


Ans: We are less fearful than our ancestors because we have left believing superstitions. Our ancestors were afraid of black cats, broken mirrors and the number 13.


Q. 6: How has the scientific method enabled us to get over the old fears?


Ans: Scientific method has made us reasonable. Now, we know there is a sound reason behind every happening. In this way, the scientific method has enabled us to get over the old fears.


Q. 7: What part did astrology play in the lives of men and women in the past? Give examples?


Ans: In the past, astrology played important part in the lives of men and women. People used to consult astrologists before marriages and other important matters of life.

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Q. 8: Describe some of the superstitions still current in our country. How do they affect the lives of those who believe in them?


Ans: Still some people believe in wearing charms and other superstitions like them. They affect the lives of

those according to belief.



Q. 9: What were the survival chances two hundred years age?


Ans: Two hundred years ago, seven out of eight babies died before reaching their first birthday.



Q. 10: What do we mean by the word attitude?


Ans: By attitude we mean the way we feel and think towards an idea or an event.



Q.11: What is meant by superstitions?


Ans: Feelings which involve fears are called superstitions. Black cats, broken mirrors and number

13 are some common superstitions.



Q.12: How did thrifty housewives preserve food in the past?


Ans: Thrifty housewives preserved their home-grown vegetables and fruits by canning, pickling, or drying them for use during the cold weather. Meats were preserved by salting and drying or by freezing.

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Q.13: How scientific method has improved our ways of life?


Ans: Scientific method has improved our ways of life by solving health problems, by increasing production and preservation of food and by bringing positive changes in our attitude.



Q.14: What is the purpose of this lesson?


Ans: This lesson helps us to understand how the use of scientific method has improved living conditions and changed our attitude.

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