Veronica Ferres Age Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Veronica Ferres Age Biography

Veronica Ferres Age Biography: Veronica Maria Cacilia Ferres is a well-known German actress and producer. Veronica Ferres was born in Germany.

Veronica Ferres Age

Her birthday is June 10th, 1965, and she was born in Solingen, Germany. Veronica Ferres age is [dob]. She is noted for her role in Unter deutschen Betten (2017).

Veronica Ferres Family

She was the youngest child and the only daughter of Peter Ferres, who was a merchant in coal and potatoes, and his significant other Katharina as she was growing up.

Veronica Ferres Education:

After completing her secondary school education at the Gymnasium Schwertstraße in Solingen, she continued her education at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, where she majored in Germanistik, Theater studies, and Psychology.

Veronica Ferres Age Biography, Stats on Height, Weight, and Body Composition, Career in the Professional World:

In Germany, she made her breakthrough with the lead role in the hit parody, The Superwife. This was followed by roles in hits such as the Oscar-nominated Schtonk!, Rossini, Klimt (close by John Malkovich), and Saviors in the Night. In the United States, she is best known for her role in the hit parody, The Superwife. She was cast in the role of the play’s female protagonist, Jedermann, which is traditionally performed as the opening play of the Salzburg Festival and is regarded as the most prestigious accolade in German theatre. In 2013, she was a member of the production of the international component Hector and the Search for Happiness with Simon Pegg and Jean Reno. That same year, she also played the central role in the component film Casanova Variations, which once again starred John Malkovich. In the spine-chilling film Pay the Ghost, supervised by Uli Edel, she also played the role of an inverted version of Nic Cage. She had the lead role in the film Salt and Fire, which was directed by Werner Herzog and also starred Gael Garcia Bernal and Michael Shannon, and was released in 2016. Alongside Robert De Niro and Danny DeVito, Veronica also has a co-starring role in the seventeenth English-language film that she has been a part of, titled The Comedian. 2017 was supposed to be the year that the movie will debut in cinemas. In the year 2012, Veronica launched her own own production company called Construction Film GmbH.

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Veronica Ferres Movies List:

Der Unsichtbare (1985) (Schaffnerin) The Vulture Wally (1988) (Magd) Schtonk! (1992) (Martha) Babylon – Im Bett mit dem Teufel (1992) (Apothekerin) Der Papagei (1992) (Helga) Voll normaaal (1994) (Carmen Krause) The Ultimate Housewife (1996) (Franziska Herr-Gross) Honigmond (1996) (Barbara) Late Show (1999) (Maria Keller) Die Braut (1999) (Christiane Vulpius) Ladies Room (1999) (Lauren) Wild Chicks (2006) (Sibylle) Bye Bye Harry! (2006) (Sophie) Klimt (2006) (Emilie Floge) The Crazy Chicks Falling in Love (2007) (Sibylle) The Resurrection of Adam (2008) (Frau Fogel) Wild Chicks 3 (2009) (Sibylle) Unter Bauern – Retter in der Nacht (2009) (Marga Spiegel) Das Leben ist zu lang (2010) (Natasha Miesbach-Boronowski) Red as a Ruby (2013) (Grace Shepherd) Konig von Deutschland (2013) (Sabine Müller) The Devil’s Violinist (2013) Sapphire Blue, written by Elizabeth Wells; released in 2014; Hector and the Search for Happiness, written by Grace Shepherd (2014) Casanova Variations (2014) The Manny, (Elisa) the (2015) Short-Term Memory Loss (2016) (Karola) Salt and Fire (2015) (Ilona) Pay the Ghost (2015) (Hannah) Short-Term Memory Loss (2016) (Annett Graber) The Comedian (2016) (2016) (Dr. Laura Sommerfeld) Unter deutschen Betten (2017) (Linda Lehmann) Intrigo: Siberia (2018) (Raisa) Death of an Author Siberia (2018) (Raisa) (2018) (Kerr) Honey Comb Stuffed Head (2018) (Female Passenger on the Train) I am in love with you, Berlin (2019) (Else Speck) Malou (2019) (Regina Vollmer) Love, Weddings, and Various Other Catastrophes (2020) (Stay Tuned) Dreamland (Meg Holmes) Each and Every One of Your Breaths (TBA) Television: Büro, Büro (1983-1984) (Kantinenwirtin Vroni) The Tatort: Bloodspur (1989) (Helma) Pyjama für Drei (1989) (1989) So wie wir sind (1990) The Castillo Coup (German) (1991) (Debby) Die zweite Heimat (1992) (Dorli) Der Bergdoktor: Der Fiedel-Joscha (1992) (Annemarie) Unser Lehrer Doktor Specht (1993-1996) (Anita Kufalt) Ein Bayer auf Rügen (1993) (Anni) Tatort: Alles Palermo (1993) (Maria Zell) Das Sahara-Projekt (1993) (Julia Dahlhaus) Peter und Paul (1994) (Dr. Ida Hundhammer) Die skandalosen Frauen (1994) Inspector Rex: Ein perfekter Mord (1994) (Gerda Felsner) Dr. Schwarz und Dr. Martin: Rosenkavaliere (1994) (Elisabeth) Fatale Mutterliebe (1995) (Ingrid) Tonino und Toinette (1995) Der Bulle von Tolz: Unter Freunden (1996) (Elfriede Seidl) Kowalsky (1997) Catherine the Great (1996) (Vorontsova) (1996) (Veronika Jansen) Die Chaos-Queen (1997) (Luise Schumann) Doktor Knock (1997) (Dr. Kai Richardi) Eine ungehorsame Frau (1998) (Marlene) Jack’s Baby (1999) (Jacqueline) Les Misérables (2000) (Madame Thénardier) Bobby (2002) (Rosi Huber) Für immer verloren (2003) (Sabine Winter) Annas Heimkehr (2003) (Anna Schweighofer) Sterne leuchten auch am Tag (2004) Kein Himmel über Afrika (2005) (Catherine Coburn) A Witness to Destiny (2006) (Bertha Baetz) Mein alter Freund Fritz (2007) (Lydia Seidel) Vom Ende der Eiszeit (2007) (Lena Jorning) Die Frau von Checkpoint Charlie (2007) Das Wunder von Berlin (2008) (Hanna Kaiser) Die Patin – Kein Weg zurück (2008) Das Geheimnis der Wale (2010) (Anna Waldmann) Sie habe es verdient (2010) (Nora Wagner) Rosannas Tochter (2010) (Nela) Das blaue Licht (2010) (Witch) Mein eigen Fleisch und Blut (2011) (Franziska) Die lange Welle hinterm Kiel (2012) (Sylva Burian) Tsunami – Das Leben danach (2012) (Billi Cramer) Lena Fauch (2012-16) (Lena Fauch) Die kleine Lady (2012) (Written by Dolores Hobbs) Das Glück der Anderen (2014) (Ellen Konig) Die Staatsaffare (2014) (Chancellor Anna Bremer) Meister des Todes (2015) (Sabine Stengele) Unzertrennlich nach Verona (2018) (Ulla Biggemann) Berlin Station: Book of the Fallen (2019) (Suzanne Berg) Life Outside of Work/Name: Husband’s Ferres maintained communication with Helmut Dietl from 1990 until 1999. They worked together on a number of the director’s films, including Schtonk! (1991), Rossini (1997), and Late Show (1999), as well as many more. They made the announcement of their split in February of 2000. She shares custody of their daughter, Lilly Krug, with her former partner, Martin Krug. From 2001 till the couple divorced in 2010, the marriage lasted to then end. In 2014, Ferres married Carsten Maschmeyer.

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