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Virginie Ledoyen Age Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Virginie Ledoyen Age Biography

Virginie Ledoyen Age Biography: The acclaimed French actress Virginie Ledoyen was born Virginie Fernández, but is better known by her stage name, Virginie Ledoyen. Her full name is Virginie Fernández.

Virginie Ledoyen Age

Her birthday is November 15th, 1976, and she was born in Aubervilliers, which is located in the region of Seine-Saint-Denis in France. She achieved widespread appreciation for her performances in the films The Beach (2000) and Rabid Dogs (2015). Her reputation may be attributed to the greatest works that Virginie Ledoyen produced in her younger years.

Virginie Ledoyen Family

She is the daughter of Olga, who ran a restaurant, and Bernard Fernández, who dealt in cleaning supplies as a trader. Bernard Fernández is her father. Her paternal great-grandfather was also of Spanish descent.

Virginie Ledoyen Education:

Film career success for Ledoyen followed the release of 1995’s A Single Girl, for which she was nominated for a Cesar Award as a result of her outstanding performance. In the year 2000, she signed a contract to become a model for the beauty products manufacturer L’Oréal. Laetitia Casta and Noémie Lenoir were the other models with whom she collaborated. In addition, she played the role of Cosette in the French television miniseries adaptation of Les Misérables. At the 70th Venice International Film Festival that took place in 2013, Ledoyen was also selected to serve as an individual member of the jury.

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Virginie Ledoyen Movies List

Exploits of a Young Don Juan in Films: (1986) (Berthe) La Vie en panne (1988) (Joëlle) Haute tension (1990) (Dominique) Mima (1991) (Mima) The One Who Steals Children (1991) (Gabrielle) Mouche (1992) (1992) Les Marmottes (1993) (Samantha) La Folie douce (1994) (Charlie Léger) La Règle de l’homme (1994) Water, Chilled (Violette) (1994) (Christine) A Single Girl (1995) (Valérie Sergent) La Cérémonie (1995) (Melinda) La Vie de Marianne (1995) (Marianne) Sur la route (1995) Les Sensuels (1995) Mahjong (1996) (1996) (Marthe) Ma 6-T va crack-er (1997) Héroïnes (1997) (1997) (Johanna) He Is the Ideal Accomplice (1998) (Jeanne) A Soldier’s Daughter Is Never Allowed to Cry (1998) Late August and the beginning of September (1998) (Anne) In All Innocence (1998) (Cécile Maudet) All About Love (2001) (Maria), The Beach (2000) (Francoise), and 8 Women (all starring Francoise) (2002) (Suzon) Les Misérables (2002) (Cosette) Bon Voyage (2003) (Camille) Saint Ange (2004) (Anna Jurin) The Valet (2006), starring Emilie de Ravin as Emilie, Holly (2006), starring Marie de Ravin as Holly, The Backwoods (2006), starring Lucy, La Forteresse assiégée (2006), starring Empress Eugénie de Ravin as Empress Eugénie, and Shall We Kiss? (2007) (Judith) My dearest, beloved London (2008) (courtesy of Audrey Morraine) L’Emmerdeur (2008) (2008) (Louise) The Army of Crime (2009) (Mélinée Manouchian) Myster Mocky présente (2009) Tout ce qui brille (2010) (Agathe) The last monstrosity (2011) (Clémence) The Form that Future Art Will Take (2011) I will miss you, My Queen (2012) (Gabrielle de Polignac) Another Existence (2013) (Dolorès) Ablations (2014) (2014) (Léa Cartalas) Le Monde de Fred (2014) (Herself) Enragés (2014) (La femme) Rabid Dogs (2015) Accro (2016) (2016) MILF (2018) (Cécile) The Prix Suzanne Bianchetti Awards, the European Film Awards, and the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement are the awards that have been given out.

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Virginie Ledoyen Net Worth

Virginie Ledoyen is believed to have a net worth of 11 Million Dollars at the present time.

Getting Married and Having Children:

Additionally, in 1995, she spoke with the production designer Louis Soubrier on the composition of La fille seule. The young woman that Ledoyen gave birth to, whom she called Lila, is her first child. She was once married to the well-known film director Iain Rogers, but their union did not last (2006-2007). In addition to this, she had a romantic relationship with the talented actor Arie Elmaleh, one of the cast members who appeared with her in The Valet. Isaac is the boy kid that Ledoyen and Elmaleh had, while Amalia is the name they gave to their daughter.  

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