What are the Classes of Angiosperms

Classes of Angiosperms


On the basis of cotyledons angiosperms are classified in two groups:


  1. Monocots:


  1. i) Monocot seeds have a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf)


  1. ii) Endosperm is present in mature seeds.


iii) They are mostly herbaceous plants.


  1. iv) They are narrow leaves.


  1. v) Leaves have parallel veins.


  1. vi) Floral parts of most flowers usually occur in three or multiples of three.


vii) Their examples are grasses, cereals, onions and lilies etc.



  1. Dicots:


  1. i) Dicot seeds have two cotyledons.


  1. ii) Endosperm is absent.


iii) Their leaves vary in shape.


  1. iv) Leaves have netted veins.


  1. v) Flower parts are four or five or multiples of 4 or 5.


  1. vi) Their examples are rose, peas, pulses, kikar, mango and sunflower etc.


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